Hey pet photographers!  Do you like earning discounts and free stuff?  Of course you do - so you definitely want to join our rewards system and earn pack perks points!  (say that 3 times fast!)

The Pack Perks program is open to all of our customers and it's an easy way to earn points that can be redeemed for discounts on future orders. You can also earn savings through referrals!

Signing up is easy! Just click the little crown in the bottom corner of this page and you'll get walked through the steps. 

What you can earn...

When you sign up and follow us on Instagram, you'll automatically start earning points! After that, you'll keep earning points every time you make a purchase.

Signing up = 100 Pack Perks
Social Follows = 50 Pack Perks
Every $1 Spent = 3 Pack Perks

As part of the Hair of the Dog Pack you'll also become part of a community of pet photographers who are all on the same journey as you - a journey to improve their craft and grow their business.  Pack members can connect in our Facebook community.

How to Redeem Your Points...

The Pack Perks program will keep track of your Pack Points as long as you log in and use the same email address to check out each time.

600 Pack Perks = $5 store coupon
1000 Pack Perks = $10 store coupon
2500 Pack Perks = $30 store coupon

When you hit a Rewards milestone, you'll get an email with a unique promo code to use on your next purchase. 

Pack Perks Referral Program

Another way to rack up store credit is to share the Hair of the Dog Academy Shop with your pet photographer friends (or even just your dog loving friends for some of our swag!)

When you join the Pack Perks program you'll get a unique referral link that you can share via email, text or social media. Give your friends a $5 off their first purchase and claim your own $5 store credit when they make a purchase.

Ready to join our pack? Click the crown in the bottom corner to sign up and don't forget to join us in the big Facebook group!

If you have any issues signing up, please email