Behind the Lens - Mini-Session in a Park

Behind the Lens - Mini-Session in a Park

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Follow along with Nicole Begley, founder of Hair of the Dog and Nicole Begley Photography, as she photographs a pair of dogs in a local park. 

What You'll Learn:

✅ What to look for, and what to avoid in park settings

✅ Discover how to photograph two dogs together

✅ Learn how to create variety with two dogs and an owner in a short amount of time

✅ Tips for capturing action

✅ What tools are in Nicole's bag

What's Included:

✅ Nine shooting videos, covering each section of a full pet photography session.

✅  Post-Processing instruction using Lightroom for global edits on the full session.

✅ Photoshop instruction on various images, showcasing all Photoshop tools needed to edit this entire gallery.

✅ Excercise jpg files of each image edited in Photoshop so that you can follow along with the instruction

✅ View a full gallery of ALL straight-out of camera (SOOC) images, as well as all final edited images.

This class is available to purchase directly or it's available to members inside the Hair of the Dog Academy.