Moody Portraits with Haron Haghuis

Moody Portraits with Haron Haghuis

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Haron's class focuses on creating a portrait with a dark mood. He discusses specific conditions he tends to look for during a photoshoot and gives a quick look behind-the-scenes.

In the post-processing section, he explains the power of seemingly simple tools in a RAW-editing process. It covers how to apply local edits in Lightroom, which allows you to shape light and contrast in order to direct a viewer's eye and emphasize a certain mood.

The video also shows how you take these RAW-edits even further with the use of Photoshop.

BONUS - Download Haron's RAW file on this page and work along with him!

This class is available to purchase directly or it's available to members inside the Hair of the Dog Academy.



About Haron:

Haron is a pet photographer and photography coach from the Netherlands.

He's had a love for dogs ever since he was a little boy. That, along with a passion for art and technology led him to turn dog photography into both his creative outlet as well as his profession.

When he's not creating moody portraits or getting his caffeine fix, you can find him at the beck and call of his Border Collie, Milo.  Check out more of Haron's work at Haron Haghuis Fotografie.