Panoramic Image with Craig Turner-Bullock

Panoramic Image with Craig Turner-Bullock

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Craig Turner-Bullock is sharing how he creates stunning panoramic images by stitching numerous individual images together in Photoshop. 

This class is available to purchase directly or it's available to members inside the Hair of the Dog Academy.

Taking this image: 

To this:



I’m Craig, crazy cat daddy, puppy parent, patisserie addict AND I have the best job in the world! I’m a professional Dog Photographer. Based in Christchurch, New Zealand and traveling the world. I work with clients, both commercial and private to capture their dream images of pets in bright and glorious Technicolor! I’ve been capturing the uniqueness of Dog since 2001 (saying that makes me feel very old).

I’m an accredited Master of Photography and Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography. In 2018 I won the title of New Zealand Portrait Photographer of the Year, the first time in the 80-year history of NZIPP that the award has been given to images of non-humans. I am also the current Canterbury/Westland Regional Photographer of the Year, a winner at the Kennel Club (UK) Dog Photographer of the Year and a finalist in Team New Zealand for the World Photographic Cup. I’m also an official ambassador for Fujifilm.

I love working with charities to help with adoption photography, I believe a great image can save a life. I’m absolutely thrilled to have taken on the role of ambassador for the amazing Kotuku Foundation, Assistance Animals Aotearoa. The KFAAA provide assistance dogs to people who need them all across New Zealand, the work they do is inspirational and I’m honored to be a small part of the team. My latest personal project #DogIsLove is a celebration of love and diversity and received such an incredible response when I launched it that I’ve turned it into an ongoing fundraising project and hope to create many more images for the series.

I work with any pets, but 99% of the time its dogs. Although I’d probably decline the opportunity to photograph a pet spider, yikes. Despite what you see on my page, I assure you that the dogs I work with are not well trained professional models, they are your normal, every day, well-loved furry family members. What you don’t see is the work that goes on behind the scenes to create the images, so trust me, no dog is impossible to get an awesome photograph of!

Later in 2019 I will be launching a series of training tools for professional and aspiring Dog Photographers, as well as running more workshops both in New Zealand and overseas.

Not wanting to continue bragging, but I’m also the photographer/author of three bestselling books, Quake Dogs (which spent 10 weeks at #1 on the NZ Bestsellers list), Quake Cats and A Dog’s Life.  See more of Craig's work on his Furtography website.