Pet Photography EDU with Kim Hartz

Pet Photography EDU with Kim Hartz

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Are you a pet photographer looking to up your pet photography skills?  Pet Photography EDU with Master Photographer, Kim Hartz, can help!  Throughout this course, students discover new techniques of working with dogs and master lighting in a variety of situations - from off-camera flash outdoors, to studio lighting, to natural light.  Are you ready to up your game?


  • Animal Behavior
  • Safety
  • Handling
  • Getting Expression
  • Planning Session
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Using a Leash and Handling


  • Posing for Variety
  • Posing Mulitple Pets
  • Posing People & Pets
  • Choosing Props
  • Working with Owners


  • Looking for Light
  • Scouting for Natural Light On-Location
  • Location Shoot with Natural Light
  • Scouting for Natural Light in a Client's Home
  • Natural Light in Client's Home
  • Photographing Action
  • Photographing Action Shoot


  • Understanding Off-Camera Flash
  • Equipment
  • Using OCF
  • OCF On-Location


  • Creating your Image
  • Equipment
  • Lighting for Fur
  • Setting up your Lights
  • Working with 1 Light and a Cat
  • Working with Two Lights
  • Photographing a Pet with Black Fur


  • Using a Gray Target
  • Kim's Lightroom Workflow
  • Leash Removal
  • Adding a Catchlight
  • Removing Color Casts on Fur
  • Finishing Touches

This class is available to purchase directly or it's available to members inside the Hair of the Dog Academy.

What people are saying about Pet Photography EDU:

I wanted to make sure this course was going to cover what I needed and not be another course regurgitating info and lessons I already knew.  I loved the instant access and ability to plow through the course at my own speed.  And, now, I am more aware of studio posing and how to position pets regarding the light source.  Pet Photography Edu is a great introductory course for learning studio lighting and posing.  The information is laid out concisely and clearly, which makes it easy to understand. 

Jessica Wasik, Bark and Gold Photography

I have been a pet photographer for a few years and after taking Kim’s course I came away with many new ideas that I use every day in my business. Her videos are useful tutorials that walked me through each particular subject with greater detail and better yet, allowed me to watch her work.  From there I was able to put that knowledge to work in my studio. Putting her examples into practice has increased my confidence in my work.  And the best part for me?  I have seen an increase in clients since taking her course.

Allison Schmidt, Allison Schmidt Photography



Kim Hartz has managed to get the angle on two very important segments- pet and newborn photography! As an intimate photographer for both babies and fur babies, Kim has cornered the market, building her reputation and recognition within the industry. Since opening her Houston, Texas studio in 2010, Kim has become one of the most profitable home-based studios in the country. Not only is she a PPA Certified Professional Photographer, a PPA Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman, but she has twice been a PPA Photographer of the Year medalist. And though Kim could spend all of her time behind the camera, she is invested in her industry, teaching workshops on pet photography and the business of being a successful photographer. Kim has an excellent knack for capturing the unique essence of her subjects, and clients love her for the true timeless works of art she has created. See her work at