Pricing and Sales for Pet Photographers

Pricing and Sales for Pet Photographers

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This is where many photographers stumble and fall and ultimately either make it or break it.  It's also the most common spot for too many talented photographers to get stuck, bury their heads in the sand, and ignore the numbers – all because it gets too overwhelming.  But I promise you, this stuff is easy once you have someone to break it all down for you. 

What you'll learn:

✅  Discover the art and science of pricing and how to bring them together to create real profit

✅  To determine how much money you should target making from each session

✅  How to price digital files, prints, wall pieces, albums, and even collections

✅  The pricing psychology secrets to encourage your clients towards your goal purchases

✅  Common pricing mistakes that both new and veteran photographers make

✅  What products are popular with pet photography clients and how to go from selling only digitals to products

✅  How to sell without being sleazy and with ZERO high-pressure techniques

✅  The eight steps to the sales process - and only ONE of them is the sales session

✅  To overcome common objections and serve your clients better

What you'll get:

✅  19 videos to help you systematically work through your pricing and sales strategy - even if you hate numbers

✅  Excel worksheets that do the math for you - just plug in your numbers

✅  Checklists and step-by-step cheat sheets on pricing and sales

✅  Example price-lists for getting started with products

✅  All of Nicole's price-lists from the beginning of her business until now

This class is available to purchase directly or it's available to members inside the Hair of the Dog Academy.